Digital fabrication for small scale production


Digital communications enables cheap long-distance connections and digital computation enables cheap, universal and efficient computers.

     Digital fabrication enables cheap, efficient and universal fabrication.

     Building digitally will reduce the complexity of the assembling and can produce a wider variety of objects for a smaller cost.

George A. Popescu M.Sc

Thesis Supervisor: Professor Neil Gershenfeld

Title: MIT Media Laboratory

New digital fabrication technologies have completely changed how prototypes and unique parts are made, yet they have not met expectation to enable low cost, small scale manufacturing.

The research question :

Can we use digital fabrication methods to create  constructive, human scale, affordable products?


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Trend analysis Possible Constructive Materials
Existing digital fabrication methods Workshops tour
Welding technologies Fabrication methods ideation
Accessible components analysis Software and control systems
Prosumers Coreless structures
Minimal building block Economic implications
Use cases analysis


Gantt chart for research

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