Z-constructor first campaign video

This is the “Constructor”, a 3d metal wire frame builder. It builds useful, durable and cheap structures out of metal wires.

If you are like me, you like building things, things that can serve people. And if your skills are like mine, then working with metal is not a real option. Why? Because fabricating a complex design requires skills and equipment that many of us just don’t have.

But imagine a device that can take any human sized 3d model, turn it into wire frames and build it using only standard metal wire. Now imagine this device is affordable, sits in your studio or local fab-lab and allows you to start building cheap and strong structures. This is the Constructor and with it, you can locally fabricate usable objects, and become the local producer of your own designs.

Who is it for? Well, for all of us –

  • makers,
  • designers,
  • engineers and artists.

We can now all create versatile objects, both prototypes and ready to use products.

Unlike a 3d printer, the Constructor extrudes the wire without melting it, and then welds, cuts, and repeats for every vertices in the wire frame so it’s very fast and energy efficient. It also comes with its own software, that turns any 3d model into wire frames, performs stress and load analysis and optimizes the structure to achieve maximal strength with minimal material. Simple.

And of course, it’s all open source – plans, codes and designs. We might sell a few of them when they are ready, but we are much more excited to think about studios around the world building their own Constructors and start fabricating things we can’t even imagine yet.

So if you are fascinated like us by the new possibilities this opens, and if you want to see the Constructor become a reality, support us in any way you can, so we can build it and give it back to you and to all the builders out there.

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